Topic: Brainstorming: Competitive PVE

Just wanted to get some input on what forms of competitive pve, and high end pve the devs could start their 2 year development cycle on and perhaps catch another breath of life into the game down the road.

Perhaps island leaderboards via putting a numerical value on stuff mined/killed/missions completed.  Give each island an honorary corporation.

I would also love to see some way to implement that energy resource (reason were on nia remember?)

I was thinking of some how putting that energy out on gamma.  Then having the pve corps need to haul it to alpha.  Then perhaps the alpha corps could do something additional to that resource then send it back to earth.

Maybe have the pvp corps haul the resource to a processing center.  PVP corp gets credit for depositing X amount of ore.  PVE corp get mission to take the next load of energy resource from processing to shipping, but theres a problem, secret niani hit squad is aware and will ambush, your goal is to transport and defend.

In the end youll need to rank corps on each step.  Give decent rewards.

My idea might suck so feel free to post any creative ways to get some competitive pve and high end pve for alpha corps, as well as perhaps tie in gamma and pvp to pve.

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Re: Brainstorming: Competitive PVE

+1 for idea

Re: Brainstorming: Competitive PVE

-1 Waste of time idea IMO.

Re: Brainstorming: Competitive PVE

Good idea, though I won't pretend to have any idea on how to make it happen. NPC and PvE are very resource specific activities in the game. They are extensions of PvP and anything they add will become a farm of a sort.

Even if they were to add some sort of dailies PvE content group, it would be measured in how much productivity it adds to assets that will in the end be PvP intended. It could also be said that any content is good content. If they had 5 or 6 dailies for people to log in for, they might actually log in and we would have a playerbase from it.