Topic: WTS Services and/or Product

I do a lot of market trading on my free time and would love to take on investments or if you have need of a specific resource ie. kernals/fragments/raw materials/components on a regular basis I can supply them at much less than market price. Contact me in game.

example of prices(subject to change)

Damaged Common Fragments : 1.9k p/u
Functional Common Fragments : 1.2k p/u
Perfect Common Fragment : 2.9k p/u

Yellow Kernals : 65 p/u
Green Kernals :60 p/u
blue Kernals : 62 p/u
Common Kernals : 250 p/u
Industrial Kernals : 550 p/u
Hitech Kernals : tba

All of these can be acquired in bulk very quickly. I typically purchase around 3-6k of each fragment in a day and anywhere from 50-250k of those kernals (except industrial/hitech)