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Now that we've put this plan in action and completed it i'll give you new corps a rough lowdown on how to get started fast when your opening your new corps. Its not definitive, nor is it perfect but it does work and it is a decent framework.

  • Do the tutorial assignments (not the tutorial)

This will get you a light bot and some ammo

  • Save your faction specific ammo you obtain during the tutorial

  • Put the t1 items and ammo in corp storage

  • Geology assignments to get Argano NIC

Do them from Daodden. The titan and HDT geology assignments can be done at the same time (you need to train a skill before you can do two - parallel assignments). They will net around 800k an hour with an arkhe with a lwf and level 5 navigation.

  • Start mining Titan, Stermonit and HDT

  • Form a hunting party for 100 drone kernels

  • Form a hunting party for 400 light/assault faction kernels, fragments and decoders to be able to start multiple Sequer and Termis proto's

  • Create another agent and do tutorial again until we got 1000 ammo, sell/reverse the light robots rewards

  • Acquire production NIC

  • Start ammo production asap

  • Go out and get 50 mech kernels for medium miners

This will get your production on your feet.

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Bump.  Good info here.  Back when Jita was still White and Asian.

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Wow you get the reward for thread necro!

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Ville wrote:

Bump.  Good info here.  Back when Jita was still White and Asian.

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