92 Looking for a corp.

by MechX75

93 US West (GMT -8) Miner / Indy

by Mister The Offender

95 Respecced and now need protoyper job!

by All yur base R belong 2us

96 New agent LFC

by Radionic

101 looking for uk/euro corp

by Attina trul

102 Closed-Found Corp

by Mempgrizz

103 closed employed

by Forestwanderer

104 New Agent Lf PVP Corp

by Ashbank

105 Please delete

by Warmzone

106 LFC etc...

by Kusanagi

111 Lookin for voice chat.

by Goddleyeke

112 Unholy

by UnholyDesire

119 LF USA Corp.

by Samhain

120 LF laid back mature Corp

by The Shade