91 A group looking for a home

by TheYesMan

94 Looking for a corp.

by MechX75

95 US West (GMT -8) Miner / Indy

by Mister The Offender

97 Respecced and now need protoyper job!

by All yur base R belong 2us

98 New agent LFC

by Radionic

103 looking for uk/euro corp

by Attina trul

104 a

by Mempgrizz

105 closed employed

by Forestwanderer

106 New Agent Lf PVP Corp

by Ashbank

107 Please delete

by Warmzone

108 LFC etc...

by Kusanagi

113 Lookin for voice chat.

by Goddleyeke

114 Unholy

by UnholyDesire